Episode 294: Just a Song Before We Go (on hiatus)

The end of the year is upon us, and plans are subject to change. Our intention to do a bunch of end-of-the year episodes has been set aside because of deadlines and other commitments. Instead here’s a conversation about the history of the podcast, about our most disappointing and surprising books of 2016, and much more.

During the episode we discuss the hiatus, and whether we’ll be returning in 2017 or not. The jury remains out on that, but there’ll be at least one more episode in January. Who knows beyond that? We’ll have to wait and see. Our sincere thanks to everyone who’s been a part of Coode Street this year and in previous years, and our sincerest holiday good wishes to one and all!

4 thoughts on “Episode 294: Just a Song Before We Go (on hiatus)”

  1. If the Coode Street Podcast doesn’t continue, it will just about cement 2016 into position as the worst year in living memory (I still have SF Signal on my list of shortcuts; I just can’t bear to delete it). I’d love to know why the podcast is in doubt, of course, but it’s perfectly understandable that you’d want to address that at a time of your choosing.

    Meanwhile, where’s that Table of Contents for Volume 11?

  2. The reasons why the podcast’s future is in doubt are various, and not something I’m going to go into publicly, given Gary and I are still discussing it. It’s certainly not anything between Gary and me. We’ll probably spend every weekend chatting away, regardless. He’s one of my dearest friends. It’s more to do with time and such.

    As to the ToC: it should be out this week some time.

  3. I, too, would greatly miss the podcast if it disappears. But as someone who also wishes he had more hours in the day to complete all the tasks that don’t get done I can’t begrudge you the need to recover whatever hours it takes for you to produce the podcast. If it turns out that it doesn’t return, thanks for all the hours of thoughtful discussion and the widening of my sf and fantasy circle.

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