Episode 327: Awards, climate fiction and more

This week, Jonathan and Gary discuss the parameters of climate-influenced SF, the usefulness or not of the term ‘cli-fi’ (with increasing numbers of SF works set all or partly in the Arctic or Antarctic) and, inevitably, the beginning of the awards season, with the Aurealis and Ditmar awards, the BSFA awards,  and the nominees announced this past weekend for the 2018 Hugos. Who is being celebrated on the ballot, and which works were we surprised to see omitted?

As always, we hope you enjoy the episode!

One thought on “Episode 327: Awards, climate fiction and more”

  1. I should clarify my outlandish comment about SF being a subset of horror somewhat… What I meant to put forward is the view that contemporary SF can be interpreted as a form of horror because stories mostly seem to be projections of what we fear about our societies and where they – and our world as a whole – is heading. Pretty much how Mary Shelley called it… :-)

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