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Episode 181: Eileen Gunn, questionable practices and the purposes of science fiction

Cover art for Questionable Practices

Questionable Practices

This week Jonathan and Gary are joined by Nebula Award winning writer Eileen Gunn to discuss her new short story collection, Questionable Practices, her upcoming article for the Smithsonion magazine on the purpose of science fiction, her novel in progress(!), and much, much more.

As always, our sincere thanks to Eileen for being part of the podcast. We hope you enjoy the episode. See you next week!


Episode 180: Kelley Eskridge, Nicola Griffith, Hild, historicity and genre…

Battling the fickle beast that is Skype, this week Jonathan and Gary talk to Kelley Eskridge and Nicola Griffith about the recently released Nebula ballot and what it might say about SF today, Nicola’s recent novel Hild, Kelley’s novel Solitaire, science fiction as a way of reading, language, politics and a lot more. In many ways this episode isn’t so much a conversation, as what feels like the beginning of a long and interesting one to be continued at conventions and elsewhere in the future.

As always, our sincere thanks to Kelley and Nicola for making time to appear on the podcast and for being such interesting and engaging guests.  As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!


Episode 179: James Bradley, Garth Nix, Sean Williams and Australian SF

Faced with another relentless summer’s day in Perth and icy Chicago winter evening, Jonathan and Gary turn to long-time friends of the podcast James Bradley, Garth Nix, and Sean Williams, luxuriating in a cool Sydney summer afternoon, to discuss Australian fiction, young adult fiction, and the works of Neville Shute in a wide-ranging conversation that is only occasionally interrupted by the vagaries of Skype.

As always, our thinks to James, Garth and Sean, and we hope you enjoy the podcast!

Episode 178: On importance and important science fiction

With a new season of the Coode Street Podcast well under way, Gary and Jonathan connected up between the icy wilds of Chicago and the sunny streets of Melbourne, to discuss “importance” in science fiction. What does “important” mean anyway, what works are “important” and so on.

As always, we hope you enjoy the discussion!


Episode 177: Kij Johnson, science fiction and the Booker Prize

As snow and ice freeze the North American heartlands, long-time friend of the podcast Kij Johnson agreed to travel across a frozen Kansas City to find a place where she could Skype in to the Waldorf Room to join Gary and Jonathan in discussion.

This time Gary threw out a question to kick start the discussion: which science fiction writer is most likely to win the Booker Prize, and which one is most likely to top the New York Times and Amazon bestseller lists? It proved a good start to a thoughtful discussion that wandered far and wide, although we’d contend not much rambling happened this week.

As always, we’d like to thank Kij for joining us, and hope you enjoy the podcast. Next week Jonathan travels to Melbourne, so who knows what will happen there!