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My agent is Howard Morhaim of the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency. He can be contacted at:

Phone +1 718 222 8400
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22 thoughts on “Contact information”

  1. Mr Strahan
    I would like at some point to review Godlike Machines for my radio program on WRFR ( Beam Me Up! and the podcast (

    Any info on the book would be useful. If you need to send a review copy you can send it to the station in care of me

    WRFR lp/fm
    20 Gay St.
    Rockland Maine 04841

    I really do not require a hard copy however so if you would prefer to send an electronic copy or summary, you can send it to the show email that I listed.

    Thanks for your time.

    Paul Cole
    wrfr lp/fm community supported radio Rockland Maine usa
    Beam Me Up podcast

  2. re: Hugo nominations for 1956:

    Franson and deVore, A History of the Hugo, Nebula and International Fantasy Awards (The 1976 edition), p 2:
    “At the Detention in Detroit, there were two important innovation. The first was that the awards would be for the previous calendar year, rather than on a vague ‘preceding year’ basis. This was partly due to the second innovation, that of nominating ballots, which required extra time for the two sets of ballots to be distributed and returned.”
    There are no nominees prior to 1959 – but there must be a lost of reminiscences out there, in print or in electronic storage, about how the decisions about the first Hugos were made (it might clear up the etenral puzzle of how They’d Rather Be Right won it) – maybe Frederik Pohl has already blogged about it.
    Ulrich Elkmann

  3. Congratulations Jonathon on your ‘Special Award – Professional’ at the World Fantasy Awards. Just reward for one of the true believers. Long may you labour.

  4. On one of the older podcasts you spoke about best of collections only working if the authors collections are mostly out of print. I propose you (or someone) make a Best of Kate Wilhelm, who has 17 Hugo and Nebula nominated short stories (with 3 nebula wins for short fiction) and has not a single collection in print.

    I also propose a Best of Michael Bishop collection, who also has 17 Hugo and Nebula nominations (with one Nebula for short fiction but two Locus for short fiction). His only short fiction collection in print is Blue Sky Kansas that only contains 4 novellas.

  5. Gregory Benford also has 11 stories nominated for the Hugo or Nebula. He has two collections in print but only one of them contains two of these stories.

    Ian McDonald might be another worth doing considering he has only the Cyberabad Days collection in print and has had 16 stories published in Gardner’s Year’s Best anthologies (5 of which are in Cyberabad Days).

  6. Subterranean Press just announced a Michael Bishop retrospective. You ask and you shall receive

  7. Hi Jonathan, Really enjoyed “The Best Science Fiction and Fantasie of the Year”. However, what about this book with your name as author on the front page? Or did I miss it? Stay well, FS.

  8. I work at the National Library Service for the Blind in Washington DC. We plan to add an audio recording of Engineering Infinity to our collection. I wish to confirm the pronunciation of your last name. Phonetically speaking, is it pronounced Strayhan, or Straun? Thank you for your time.

  9. Jonathan,
    Promoting “The New Space Opera” on now as well as our @AmblingBooks Twitter account. (Thanks for retweeting, by the way).
    So, wondering if you have a Facebook account on which to share our posts.

  10. Please continue the podcast. It is my favorite place to learn of new books and meet favorite authors .

  11. Science Fiction writers can usually be counted on to tell great stories with intelligent characters. Yes, love Gibson and Stephenson. Also Vernon Vinge, Gorden R. Dickinson, Alastair Reynolds, and all of the old masters.

    I really could care less about multiculturalism and diversity in my books, unless it flows naturally in the story. Why make pleasure dependent on political correctness!

    You guys seem to have an agenda on this podcast. Come on! Just love to read

  12. I don’t believe we have an agenda, though you are, of course, welcome to your opinion. I would say that we are very interested in what is happening in the science fiction field, and at the moment that means being aware of the increased diversity and gender awareness. Of course we love to read, and of course we love good books, but good books and good stories come from many places and are written by many people.

  13. Dear Mr Strahan!

    I recently read your editing The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year -2017, and I would like to thank you for choosing Delia Sherman’s “The Great Detective”. Unfortunately, there are not many Holmes stories in Hungary except Sir Doyle’s works, and this work is a real gem. Hope I can find one or two in your later selections – and I hope that further compilations will appear by us.
    Thank you again!
    Orsolya Pálfi

  14. Dear Mr. Strahan:

    Today I began re-reading Life on Mars, and like it.

    I have a suggestion for a new anthology theme – the Younger Dryas Comet. About 13,000 years ago, a comet struck the Earth, killed 99% of the human race, and wiped out an advanced civilization.

    Yours truly,

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  15. I can’t seem to find episode 10 anywhere online. Do you have a link to it?


    Thank you so much!

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