Leaving soon.

On Saturday Miss 12 and I head off to Europe, leaving Marianne and Miss 14 to manage the home front. This is a huge trip. We’re heading to Normandy to celebrate Ellen Klages’s birthday, before spending a few days in Paris and then London for WorldCon and tourism. It should be amazing. It feels like we’ve been talking about it for years.   While I’ve been terrible at this, we’re going to try to record some of the details of the trip here. There will be planes, food, sights, food, shows, food, convention, food, and so on. It should be cool.

T minus a bit

In just over a week Miss 12 and I will be headed to Europe for shennanigans. There’ll be time in Normandy to celebrate the birthday of the fabulous Ellen Klages, with a side trip to Mont Saint-Michel, Paris, with patisseries and museums(!), and London (with Loncon3!). I don’t know if I ever actually thought we’d get to this point.  Bags are being prepped, bookings are being finalised.  We’re almost on the road (or in the air).  Our sincerest thanks to those left behind, Marianne and Miss 14. We owe you one!

Episode 197: Readercon, the World Fantasy Awards and more

With our intrepid hosts preparing to head off to Europe for a sojourn in France before attending WorldCon in London (the biggest Worldcon ever!!), it seems like everything is happening in the gap between now and then. To fill the moments, a new episode(!) where Gary’s time at Readercon, the Shirley Jackson Awards, the World Fantasy Awards and more (not much more) are discussed.

As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast.


Episode 196: Bill Shafer and Subterranean Press

This week our intrepid podcasters are joined by Subterranean Press publisher and founder Bill Schafer to discuss science fiction, publishing and the evolution of one science fiction, fantasy and horror’s most important specialty publishers.

We would like to thank Bill for joining and, as always, hope you enjoy the podcast.


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