Well, it’s 10.35pm on Sunday night and I’ve just finished the corrections to the US edition of the Locus Awards anthology, which I started 7.30pm Thursday. That’s 200,000 words. Whew. Now I’ve got to transpose the corrections from the US edition on to the galley of the Australian edition, send the US pages back, and start in on checking the Australian copy. Whew. I also have to get some proofing done on Locus over the next few days. And when that’s done…ah, what the heck. There’s more stuff. Still I’m getting some stuff done.

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that last post sounds cheery, doesn’t it? Things aren’t quite that bad – it’s just they look that way at almost 1am when you’ve been doing taxes for too long. Saw the accountant today, which sucked a little, but not a lot, and what more can you hope for . I’m still waiting for the proofing to show, but I’ve got some time off coming up, so I guess that’s what I’m going to be doing. I do need to catch up on some reading and other work though, which I had planned to do on my time off (hmmmm). Hopefully that’ll work.

There is one thing I want to rave about though. I was lucky enough to just read Scott Westerfeld’s second Midnighters book, and it’s damn fine. Westerfeld definitely has the touch when it comes to YA fantasy, the idea’s cool, the characters are good and you basically get sucked in. I’ll write about it properly soon, but if you haven’t you should check out the first book, Midnighters 1: The Secret Hour.

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Crazy times (as always)…

I am the worst planner in the world and the second worst business organiser in the world, and every now and again the world decides to remind me of this. With the help of Marianne and Jeremy, I’ve just seen 200,000 words of proofreading on the “Best Novellas” out the front door. Joy. Then I got email telling me that another 400,000 words of proofs should be coming in this week for the Locus book. Yay! And I just confronted the long delayed taxes, which look like I will owe the tax man enough money to be a bit uncomfortable. Yay. I now dream of quiet days when nothing happens and hardly anyone even speaks to me. A dream underpinned by the quiet mantra “Must get organised, must get organised”.

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My friend Russell…

…asked me if I’d be mentioning his Ticonderoga Online webzine, which has just launched its first issue in this blog. Apparently the issue features fiction by Martin Livings, Jay Caselberg, Sean Williams, Stephen Dedman, Chris Lawson and Grant Watson, so I thought I would. Check it out.

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It may be a little garish, but…

…it’s mine! The nice folks at the SFBC just sent me an advance peak at the cover for Best Short Novels: 2004. Look in shock and awe! Delight in seeing somethingf get the holy cr*p blown out of it. Wonder at how much space opera is in the book. I kinda like it!

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