Matt Cheney mentions that Ideomancer has new material from M. Rickert online at the moment. I’d not read much of Rickert’s work until last year, when she suddenly seemed to have a story in every second issue of F&SF, most of which were very good. It turns out she’s had exactly a dozen stories published, and I just read her 13th, “Cold Fires”, which is in the Oct/Nov issue of F&SF. It’s a wonderful, touching, funny and even poignant fantasy about pirates, paintings, and love. One of the year’s best. Actually, I’ve read about half of the Oct/Nov issue, and it seems particularly strong, with great stories from Rickert, Gene Wolfe, Dale Bailey, Mike Bishop and others. In fact, if we at Coode St could exhort you to one path of action for the day, it would be to subscribe to Gordon Van Gelder’s fine magazine.

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