More Margo (but not too much)…

Mark Kelly points out that Margo Lanagan is interviewed over at Arte Six, which is a cool thing. You should go read the interview and the book excerpt. I was particularly pleased to hear that she’s “nearly finished first-drafting the stories in the next collection, Red Jam, which is very much the same type of science fiction/fantasy/horror mix as White Time and Black Juice.” She also mentions that “I’m also rewriting the first novel of a YA fantasy quartet, which I hope to complete the remaining three volumes of in 2005.” Definitely happy-making news. If Lanagan isn’t the next big thing, there ain’t no justice in the world.


Sometimes your interests push up against the edges of what the world is willing to permit. In this case, my interest in a new James Blaylock novel. Over on the Blaylock forum they mention that he has finished a young adult sequel to The Digging Leviathan, and enjoyed writing it so much he is working on another. Both books are unsold. By rough count it’s been about four hundred years since the last Blaylock novel was published. Enough already! Cry mercy, give us surcease. Won’t someone publish it?