The Jack Vance Treasury

This afternoon Terry Dowling and I delivered the final manuscript for The Jack Vance Treasury to Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press. I’m really pleased with the final book. The stories are strong, the cover art I’ve seen looks lovely and George Martin did a terrific introduction. I’m hoping to see galleys soon, and with a little luck the book’ll be out not too long after Christmas.

5 thoughts on “The Jack Vance Treasury”

  1. Great line-up…very glad ‘The Dragon Masters’, although long and widely available, made the cut.

  2. Poor fellow, forced to read all those Vance stories. Like poor Cugel, having to test the quality of all those 17 virgins.

  3. You already have The Dragon Masters, The Last Castle, and The Moon Moth, so here’s just a strong “keep” for those three, obvious though they may be.

    Lawrence Person

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