And then, my head exploded…

So, today: got flap copy to write for The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year; need to take a second look at the copyedits for The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year and Ascendancies: The Best of Bruce Sterling; need to write the intro and story notes for Best Short Novels: 2007; need to do all of the contracts for Best Short Novels: 2007; need to come up with image/cover suggestions for The Starry Rift; need to write a follow on email to the potential contributors to Universe 1; need to edit 20,000+ words of reviews for the March Locus; and there’s the day job as well. No wonder my head exploded.

If you’re looking for me…

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been invited to be a guest at Conflux 4 in Canberra this September/October. I was incredibly lucky last year and got to spend a couple days at Conflux 3 and had a great time, so I couldn’t be happier to be able to go again this time around. What makes it even greater is that my fellow guests Garth Nix, Simon Brown, Sharyn November, and Graham Joyce are some of the nicest and coolest people on the planet. This, hopefully, means I’ll get a chance to hang out with them a bit, and that I’ll get to meet everyone else who’ll be attending. Hmm. Maybe a place for that editor’s workshop thing I was talking about…?

PS: I’ll also be attending World Fantasy in October/November (yay!) and will probably drop into Swancon this year for a few hours. Let me know if you’d like to catch up.

For editors…

Following my brief sojourn on the ASIF forums, I’ve been thinking about some of the things you might cover in a Clarion for editors, or at least in a decent workshop for people who want to become editors in the genre. Now, this is the sort of thing that needs to be taught by David Hartwell or Patrick Nielsen Hayden or Gardner Dozois – those kind of people. Still… I note that Kathryn Cramer has posted a useful ‘how to’ for writing author bios. It’s useful stuff. Check it out.

Okay gang. Sorry for not keeping you all up to date. Let’s see, what’s been happening at Merton Way? Well, both Jessica and Sophie have been down with tonsilitis over the past few days. With school starting in a few days, that’s been a real drain on both them and Marianne. On the other hand, we had a wonderful dinner on Saturday night when Janet, Stefan, Amanda, Nick, Robin and Toula came out to our place and we ate, drank and laughed till after one in the morning. Definitely a tonic, and who knew Stefan cooked that well?!

On the work front, the day job continues to dominated. I’m part of four person team who work in an online services environment. Two of the positions are currently vacant, so I’ve had to give up one of thetwo days per fortnight that I work from home on SFnal stuff to help stay on top of things (and may have to give up the other one), and for the next ten days am the only person on deck. Which is fine, but puts some pressure on things.

In the science fictional world, as I think I reported elsewhere, I’ve stopped proofreading Locus. I’m still reviews editor, but what this means is that I’m a little less clear on what’s going into the magazine on a day to day basis. In fact, for the first time in five years I’ve not read the recommended reading stuff (except for the short fiction stuff, which I compiled for the magazine). I’m sure the pendulum will swing back soon, and I’ll spend more time on the magazine, but the past month has been mostly other projects.

Speaking of other projects, The Jack Vance Treasury is now shipping from the stealth bunkers at Subterranean Press. I’ve not seen a copy of the book yet, but they do a lovely job and I can’t wait. One of the reasons for doing a book like this is that I wanted to own a copy. Anyone could have edited it or published it, but I wanted a copy. And now I can have one, and you should get one too. SubPress titles have a bad habit of going out of print quickly, and I wouldn’t want to risk missing this one. Speaking of SubPress, as previously advised I’ve finished up work (except for the appallingly late flap copy) on Ascendancies: The Best of Bruce Sterling. The cover is done, the copyedits are done, and the galleys should go out in the next month. I’ll post a full table of contents shortly, but this one really surprised. It was a LOT more work than I’d thought it would be, but the final book is a very good one.

What else? I completed the corrections for The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 1. I really need to learn more about how to add corrections to PDFs. I think I’ve given Jason a real nightmare, making sure all of the changes make it into the final book. Anyhow, it goes to press on Thursday, and is rocketing ahead for a March publication. I’m very happy with the anthology, which I think makes a great first step towards tracking the best of fantasy and SF in a year. I’ve seen one positive review of the book already, and I’m hoping it’ll be similarly well received over the next six months. I’m a little late getting started on my 2007 reading, but just as soon as I deliver Best Short Novels I’m onto it. I’m also working on the new anthology series for Night Shade at the moment, lining up people for my SF Book Club novella anthology, and expecting to see copyedits/proofing for the Australian edition of The New Space Opera any time. Busy, busy days.