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Subterranean Press have officially announced that they will publish Ascendancies: The Best of Bruce Sterling in September of this year. It’ll be available in both a trade and limited edition. This one took a lot of work, really didn’t come easy, but it’s done. I hope you guys like it when it hits the shelves. The contents of the book are:

  • Introduction by Karen Joy Fowler
  • Foreword by Bruce Sterling

Part I: The Shaper/Mechanist Stories

  • Swarm
  • Spider Rose
  • Cicada Queen
  • Sunken Gardens
  • Twenty Evocations

Part II: Early Science Fiction and Fantasy

  • Green Days in Brunei
  • Dinner in Audoghast
  • The Compassionate, the Digital
  • Flowers of Edo
  • The Little Magic Shop
  • Our Neural Chernobyl
  • We See Things Differently
  • Dori Bangs

Part III: The Leggy Starlitz Stories

  • Hollywood Kremlin
  • Are You for 86?
  • The Littlest Jackal

Part IV: The Chattanooga Stories

  • Deep Eddy
  • Bicycle Repairman
  • Taklamakan

Part V: Later Science Fiction and Fantasy

  • The Sword of Damocles
  • Maneki Neko
  • In Paradise
  • The Blemmye’s Strategem
  • Kiosk