More on the Club

There have been a lot of wonderful observations in the comments thread responding to my comments on this week’s changes at the SF Book Club. They’ve prompted a few thoughts. First, the SF Book Club isn’t dead yet. It’s my speculation that it will be folded into the main club, but that’s not been announced by the company. So, if you are a member, please don’t give up yet. I know of at least three original anthologies in process at the Club, all of which deserve your support. And, no doubt, there are some fine omnibuses to come too. These are all books that were set in motion by Ellen or Andy, so supporting them seems like a worthwhile thing to do. Second, I’d love to hear more about what the Book Club has meant to you. I’ve never been eligible to join (being located outside the US), but it’s always looked terrific to me. Given that it’s been mailing out great fiction since 1954, I’m sure it’s been important to countless readers and writers, so I’d love to hear what it’s meant to you.