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I should give you guys a real update on Eclipse (aka the book that almost fell apart). We’re running a little late for reasons beyond our control, but should still be on sale at World Fantasy with just a little luck (which make me wonder if I need ‘Eclipse has a posse’ t-shirts?).

Things are still not quite final, but so far the book includes great new stories by Peter S. Beagle, Lucius Shepard, Maureen F. McHugh, Gwyneth Jones, Terry Dowling, Jack Dann & Paul Brandon, Jeffrey Ford, Ysabeau S. Wilce, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Margo Lanagan, and others. There’s also a possibility of one story coming in late that I’m very excited about. All in all, the book should include about fourteen stories totalling about 80,000 words, and will make a great start to the Eclipse series. Any book that includes non-themed stories is going to surprise you, and this one twisted and turned and ended up being something delightfully unexpected. I can’t wait to see what everyone will think of it. More news soon!

7 thoughts on “Eclipse update”

  1. Will ECLIPSE be “cutting egde sf”? Oh, I forgot.
    Cutting edge science fiction “doesn’t exist.”

  2. Nope. Definitely not cutting edge SF. I didn’t go looking for cutting edge SF, didn’t ask for it, didn’t describe it as an anthology of cutting edge SF, and so, unsurprisingly, didn’t get it. I did ask for unthemed original SF and fantasy stories. Got those, and some very good ones. This particular volume of Eclipse is a lot more fantasy than I’d originally expected, but that’s ok. It’s a good book, though it may very well not be quite your cup of tea.

  3. Well, as you know, the name was tricky. I’m happy with it, though. And ultimately, it’ll be judged on the stories.

  4. The list of contributors is strong and that’s most important.

    For me the name conjures negativity. When I think of an eclipse I wish that it weren’t happening.

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