The New Space Opera in The Library Journal

And another lovely review for The New Space Opera, this time in Library Journal:

Library Journal
Award-winning editors Dozois (editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine) and Strahan (reviews editor of Locus and co-editor of Science Fiction: The Best of . . . and Fantasy: The Best of… anthology series) have put together an exceedingly fine set of stories written specifically for this collection by some of the best sf authors writing today. These 18 tales run the gamut from technologically centered hard science (think exploding comets and artificial intelligence) to character-driven soft science (settling on new worlds). Alien perspectives are balanced by humanistic introspection. Many of the stories mine the genre’s favorite nuggets by exploring political and ethical questions from varied and unusual points of view. In the great tradition of space opera-not to be confused with soap opera, although there is some similarity in the epic sprawl of the underpinnings-the collection shows both remarkable diversity and cohesiveness. Standouts from Kage Baker, Paul J. McAuley, Nancy Kress, Gregory Benford, and Dan Simmons, among others, make this a solid purchase for public libraries with sf and/or short story collections.

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  1. I believe or I like to believe that this publication influences librarian purchases.

    And libraries are still a great place to find your books.

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