Last call

A quick note to everyone who intends to submit during the open reading period for Eclipse (i.e NOT people who were solicited). The open reading period ends in a little over 24 hrs. The deadline is midnight on Friday, 29 February 2008 at midnight (Perth, Western Australia time). I won’t be accepting any unsolicited submissions after that time.

Hello, Americans!

Please fix your economy. You are screwing with mine.  Just saw today’s exchange rate. It’s 94 cents on the dollar! What’s that about!?!? I’ve taken a 40% pay hit since I started one regular reviewing gig, and every other one is now paying less and less. No wonder money seems tight. I remember when a ten thousand US dollar check was about $A17,500. Now it’d be about $10,500 or something.  So, Americans, fix your economy! Please. please.

I’m at home on a Wednesday…

Today I’m feeling old, tired and stressed.  Illness and injury have been the watchword here at Merton Way, with Marianne taking a fall on the weekend and hurting her knee.  Jessica and Sophie both have viruses, while according to her doctor, Jessica has also managed to get shingles.  I don’t know how.  On top of all that, I’ve had the same virus and managed to add my ankle to the list of complaints I’m suffering from, which is just nifty.  Dodgy shoulder and dodgy ankle.  You wouldn’t tear me down for spare parts, I swear.

So, why stressed? Well, tax time is standing just around the corner with a shovel, reading to smack me one in the face.  I always love it, and there’s no time left to put it off.  On top of that, I’m working to finish upo Godlike Machines.  Despite having received some terrific stories, it refuses to quietly come together, which is not fun.  Also, the girls have been home sick for three days, which means Marianne is not the happiest mom in the world.   All in all, fun, without being disastrous.

Now, everything’s not crap. A book proposal I’m working on with a pal is coming together very nicely and if all goes to plan, will go out to the agent by next week.  I’m also working on another one, which is cool.  I  picked up a copy of the Faces boxed set, Five Guys Walk Into a Bar…, which I’m really enjoying. The sound is loose and fresh, and I’m even enjoying Rod Stewart’s voice, which is not usually the case. Yeah. Also, the day job is slowing down, which is good, and I’m planning trips and holidays.

Actually, I’ll tell you one thing that’s crap.  2008 was supposed to be the ‘take four months off, get fit and healthy and just chill out’ year, and it’s turning into a fucking circus.  Gack.