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So, whatever else you can say for or against the new Prime Minister of Australia, he’s an appallingly uncharismatic speaker. Seeing him on the news today, at the new Aboriginal welcome to Parliament, was painful.  Also, I need to really think about this. Is there something screwy about the Aboriginal welcome?  Aboriginal peoples are welcoming the elected representatives of the Australian people to the place where those representatives will govern – a Commonwealth government established by the British Parliament which is based on the invasion of the country. I don’t know. It’s…odd.

Dreaming Again, Jack Dann

I don’t have a cover yet, but this coming June HarperCollins Australia will publish Dreaming Again, a new anthology edited by my good pal Jack Dann.  The book is a sequel anthology to his earlier Dreaming Down-Under, which he co-edited with Janeen Webb, and which won the World Fantasy Award. I thought the first book was excellent, a really strong and varied book of interesting stories. The second book looks almost as good, and features a whole bunch of different people, which suggests that the Australian scene is really healthy.  I’m going to get on with reading this shortly, and you should pick it up in June. I’m also waiting for the third book in 2018!
1.    “Old Friends,” Garth Nix
2.    “A Guided Tour In the Kingdom of the Dead,” Richard Harland
3.    “This Is My Blood,” Ben Francisco and Chris Lynch
4.    “Nightship,” Kim Westwood
5.    “The Fooly,” Terry Dowling
6.    “Neverland Blues,” Adam Brown
7.    “The Jacaranda Wife,” A. G. Slatter
8.    “The Constant Past,” Sean McMullen
9.    “The Forest,” Kim Wilkins
10.    “Robots & Zombies, Inc.,” Lucy Sussex
11.    “This Way to the Exit,” Sara Douglass
12.    “Grimes and the Gaijin Daimyo,” A. Bertram Chandler
13.    “Lure,” Paul Collins
14.    “The Empire,” Simon Brown
15.    “Lakeside,” Christopher Green
16.    “Trolls’ Night Out,” Jenny Blackford
17.    “The Rest Is Silence,” Aaron Sterns
18.    “Smoking, Waiting For the Dawn,” Jason Nahrung
19.    “The Lanes Of Camberwell,” Cecilia Dart-Thornton
20.    “Lost Arts,” Stephen Dedman
21.    “Undead Camels Ate Their Flesh,” Jason Fischer
22.    “Europa,” Cecily Scutt
23.    “Riding On the Q-ball,” Rosaleen Love
24.    “In From the Snow,” Lee Battersby
25.    “The Lost Property Room,” Trudi Canavan
26.    “Heere Be Monsters,” John Birmingham
27.    “Purgatory,” Rowena Cory Daniells
28.    “Manannan’s Children,” Russell Blackford
29.    “The Fifth Star In the Southern Cross,” Margo Lanagan
30.    “Twilight In Caeli-Amur,” Rjurik Davidson
31.    “Paradise Design’d,” Janeen Webb
32.    “The New Deal,” Trent Jamieson
33.    “The Last Great House of Isla Tortuga,” Peter M. Ball
34.    “Conquist,” Dirk Strasser
35.    “Perchance To Dream,” Isobelle Carmody


Told you I was lazy.  I was mucking about on the laptop, not really doing what I should be doing, and came across a working list of book projects I intended to do someday soon. The list was from October 2005.  Nearly all of the projects on the list are on the current list, and two of them cover two of the three proposals I’m supposed to be writing today and tomorrow.  Gack.