Last call

A quick note to everyone who intends to submit during the open reading period for Eclipse (i.e NOT people who were solicited). The open reading period ends in a little over 24 hrs. The deadline is midnight on Friday, 29 February 2008 at midnight (Perth, Western Australia time). I won’t be accepting any unsolicited submissions after that time.

Hello, Americans!

Please fix your economy. You are screwing with mine.  Just saw today’s exchange rate. It’s 94 cents on the dollar! What’s that about!?!? I’ve taken a 40% pay hit since I started one regular reviewing gig, and every other one is now paying less and less. No wonder money seems tight. I remember when a ten thousand US dollar check was about $A17,500. Now it’d be about $10,500 or something.  So, Americans, fix your economy! Please. please.