I am sitting here…

…quietly freaking out. My eldest daughter is fast asleep in bed. Marianne has taken our youngest, Sophie, to hospital to get checked out. She had a great day and was well and fine throughout, but about three quarters of an hour ago she came in complaining she had trouble standing up, she felt sore and weak. She had good limb strength and could sit up, didn’t have a temp, and seemed pretty bright and chirpy overall. She was just sore ‘all over’ and struggled to stand. It was weird so we rang medic alert, and decided she should get checked out. Given that Jessica was fast asleep, Marianne suggested one of us should go and the other stay home. Since she had taken Sophie to the doctor most regularly Marianne seemed the logical choice to drive her to the hospital. I am watching the clock, trying to work out when it will make sense to call Marianne. I am going crazier and crazier. I’m almost certain that everything is fine, but only almost. Parenthood.


Spoke to Marianne.  They’ve seen the doctor and Sophie looks fine, except for being too weak to stand (chatty, happy, not in pain, good muscle strength, not dizzy etc), so he’s pretty puzzled.  He thinks it might be a virus, so they’re going to keep her in overnight for observation.   This is a good thing, I guess.  Hopefully it’ll prove to be nothing. The only thing that makes sense is sleep, I guess. It sounds like it’s going to be a long night and day till this is worked out.