On tie-ins

Discussion of media tie-ins continues all over the place. There’s a piece over at Jonathan McAlmont’s SF Diplomat, and he links to more. I don’t typically find that my worldview aligns with SF Diplomat all that much, but I was struck by one point: the underpinning to my own view of tie-ins is that I’m not the market for them.  Without implying that there’s anything inferior or wrong about them (a view I find is usualy rather elitist and tiresome), I’m usually not interested.  I want to read the next thing, something challenging and different.  Tie-ins are inherently a continuation of the known.  I don’t find that interesting.

Now, that view is a product of the reader that I happen to be.  I’ve no criticism at all of the many people who find tie-ins enjoyable and worthwhile.  I should add that very, very occasionally I find something interesting in the tie-in world. John M Ford wrote a very good Star Trek novel, Ed Bryant & Dan Simmons wrote a dynamite Batman novelette, Joe Lansdale’s Hellboy novellete is excellent, as is Howard Waldrop’s Wild Card’s story.  It’s not an absolute.  Tie-ins can be fine, but for the most part I’m focussed elsewhere.


Some scattered thoughts, notes, links etc from around the Interweb:

  • Jetse De Vries has resigned from Interzone. I’ve been meeting Jetse at WorldCons for the past handful of years, and I think he’s been doing a terrific job as part of the IZ editorial crew.  We just spoke in Denver so it wasn’t a complete shock, but I am disappointed.  I wish both Jetse and the IZ gang the best, and can’t wait to see what they come up with separately in the coming years.
  • Subterranean has a new story up by John Scalzi. I really liked this.  I don’t know if it’s one of the year’s best, but it’s a lot of fun.  BTW, what is it with superheroes? I have a superhero story in Eclipse Two, this is a superhero story, and I just saw two new anthos of superhero stories in Planet Books.  Is it the Marvel movie goldrush biting at a broader cultural level, or something else?
  • Eclipse Two just disappointingly lost a story, and I’m debating trying to find another.

Interruptions come.  More….