I’m sitting in my living room, occasionally deriving an almost ridiculous amount of pleasure from my four foot tall lava lamp, and listening to some old Van Morrison on the stereo.  I had a friend, Gordon, visiting who’s been recommending some new stereo gear to me, and I’m seriously considering it.  I bought my current setup (a Rotel system with Lin speakers) about 12 years ago, and I’m feeling it might be time.  He’s recommending some Consonance cd players and amps, and I might go that way.  They’re bodaciously ugly, but he seems pretty confident. Of course he showed me these (, which are cool, but aren’t in production any more, which is sad.  There are too few beautiful things in the world, to see something pass out of it.

What else? I’m going through a “Oh my god, don’t make me read science fiction” phase this past couple weeks.  Just seeing it makes me shudder, though I know this will turn around.  It always does.  It is, of course, convenient that this happened six weeks or so out from handing in the year’s best!  On that score, do you have a favorite 2008 story?  I have a bunch, but would like to hear yours.  On that score, I’m waiting for the new Interzone, which should be here any idea.  My pal Jetse told me it has a work of genius in it, and that’s plug enough for me.

Oh, and Margo’s Tender Morsels came in the mail today.  Yay!