So, I was woken at about 2.30am this morning and didn’t get back to sleep.   Not good for the first day back at work.  Went to the office for the first time in five weeks, and everyone was lovely, but this is a new job really and I was feeling tired and out of my depth.  I’m sure all will be good, but it just left me on edge. I then got home to find that the 20kg box I mailed on Saturday to Victoria containing the dead CD player was sent to me rather than the right place. So, rather than crashing for a while I took MJ and Jess to gym and went and fronted the Post Office about it. It’s now on its way to where it needs to go.  I got home and felt tired and irritable.  As a result, I’ve closed down my Facebook account for a while.  This isn’t a big deal and isn’t a thing against anyone or anything – I just didn’t want to think about status updates and friend requests and vampire pigeon wrestling matches.  Another day, yeah?