Aurealis Awards and The Starry Rift…

The nominations for the 2008 Aurealis Awards have been announced. They’re not on the web yet, though they should be on the Aurealis Awards website fairly soon.   I’m delighted to say, though, that my anthology The Starry Rift, has been nominated in the inaugural ‘Best Anthology’ category.  I’m very grateful to the judges, and want to also congratulate my fellow category nominees Jack Dann for Dreaming Again and Bill Congreve and Michelle Marquardt for The Year’s Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy.  I’m honored to share their company.  My sincere congratulations, too, to all of the nominees int he the other categories.

8 thoughts on “Aurealis Awards and The Starry Rift…”

  1. Well done!

    Your blog title du jour reminds me of something Barry Malzberg said (and I have to paraphrase): that, after a lifetime of scorn, he looked in the mirror and found that he had become Sam Moskowitz.

    I see you know how that feels!

  2. Oh, stop it! :)

    Can it be fear of the South African cricket team that is causing this erratic behaviour?

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