Eclipse 2 at The Agony Column

Eclipse 2Rick Kleffel talks about Eclipse Two over at The Agony Column today. He also is podcasting a lengthy interview with my pal and publisher, Jeremy Lassen, where they talk about the book in some detail. I was fascinated listening to the podcast, if only because it gave someone else’s perspective on a project that I spent a lot of 2008 working on, thinking about and dealing with.  I’m delighted the book’s out, very pleased with the reception it’s receiving, and interested to see things like this podcast happening.

Listening to the podcast does prompt me to ponder Eclipse Three a little.  It’s very likely to be the final volume in the series, though that’s by no means certain.  It’s probably going to be more like Eclipse One than Two, though that remains to be seen.  I hope it’ll be a smoother ride than Two, but I think it’ll be at least as good a book as its two predecessors.