The year ahead

So, what does 2009 hold for me, professionally?  Allowing that ‘professionally’ in this instance means in science fictional terms, I’m not really sure.  There are a handful of projects just sitting on the horizon, and not quite wanting to stick up their hands and five me delivery dates and so on.

As I’ve blogged before, I have to finish Eclipse Three for June; Lou Anders and I will finish Conquering Swords for July; Jack Dann and I should finish Legends for the same month; I should finish my guest-edited special issue of Subterranean magazine for July; I should finish Life on Mars and The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 4 for December; Charles N. Brown and I need to finish The Best of Fritz Leiber for December; and I don’t have a date for them yet, but I also have to finish Engineering Infinity and at least two other things by year’s end too.  There’ll also be copyedits and so on, which will take time, as they always do.

That’s enough to keep me busy, but I am thinking about 2010’s projects which need advancing. So, some time for proposals and so on needs to get built into schedules.  I’m also planning on attending Swancon at Easter here in Perth, World Fantasy in San Jose in October, and would like to attend the Adelaide NatCon (though that’s looking a lot less likely right now).

And then there’s Locus work to be doing.  There’s 12 months worth of columns to edit, some possible non-magazine writing to do for them, and a couple other bits and pieces.

I’m actually pretty energised by all of this, though I do need to get some time management plans in place.  I’m determined to get two trips away with the family during the year as a minimum, which will mean some ‘no work’ time.  I’m also determined to close on 23 December, as previously mentioned, which will mean no copyediting or writing or answering emails or anything from 23/12/2009 till year’s end, so I need to be sure columns are edited and year in review written in plenty of time.