Wings of Fire – Recommendations sought

When I was in Oakland last fall I spent an afternoon sitting on the official Locus Back Deck ™, chatting with Charles Brown and Jeremy Lassen and, I think, committing myself to enough book projects to keep me busy until my pension arrives.

As is often the way with the book world, while things are started in haste, they often take a somewhat slower path to fruition.  One of those projects, however, is just about ready to unveil so I thought I’d take the opportunity to mention it here.  Wings of Fire takes its inspiration from the big retrospective anthologies that John Joseph Adams – a fine anthologist in his own right and the Night Shade PR guy – has edited for the Shade.  It will include about 200,000 words or so of stories that feature dragons.  The stories may be fantasy, may be SF, or horror, or whatever, but they’ll definitely feature dragons.  The book is tentatively scheduled for early 2010. It’s one of several such books I’m likely to be doing for the Shade, and I’m pleased as punch to be doing it.

And there’s something you can do to help.  I’m seeking recommendations from readers and writers of any dragon stories that you have loved.   I’ve set up a database for recommendations ( and will be using them as the basis for the book (I do have a list but I’m eager to get as many recommendations as possible. I’d also give a nod to John Joseph Adams (again), who showed me how to set up the database and whose template I borrowed heavily from.  It’s my hope, if there’s space, to include a list of all recommenders in the acknowledgements to the book.

9 thoughts on “Wings of Fire – Recommendations sought”

  1. Hey Jonathan –

    Sound like a keen idea for an anthology (and I think JJA is one of the snappiest guys around, so it’s no surprise you two would play off of each other well).

    Who’s going to be doing the cover?

  2. Hi James: Way too early to be discussing covers. I’m sure Jeremy and Jason will find someone to do a brilliant job, but right now we’re just at the stage of signing contracts etc and beginning to sketch out the contents of the book. – J

  3. Hi Jonathan!

    I can’t see the actual spreadsheet (in case we recommend that something’s already on the database), just the form (the link in the form only leads to the form).

  4. Jonathan: I submitted one but it didn’t seem to register in the database. Is this just a delay or an actual bug?

    Also, a friend is releasing a dragon-themed anthology on March 29, 2009. Can I send you a copy of his book or will it be too late by then?

  5. It’s just a delay caused by operator error when setting it up. It should republish automatically now. And sure – send it along, via email or whatever. I’ll be working on this through till at least September, so up tiill then is good. And thanks!

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