December, or faster pussycat, faster!

La! It’s December. I know what December used to be like it. It used to be the slow, languorous lead up to Christmas. Back when I was single I completely escaped any responsibility for organizing anything. All I had to do was buy some presents, put in some $$s to cover costs and show up. Bliss. That meant that most of December was a gentle parade of parties and get-togethers, leading up to a period of prolonged self-indulgence interspersed with bloated relaxation. Bliss.

Well, it ain’t like that anymore, baby. I grew up a bit, I got married (happily) and had children (delightfully), and I also got a lot more work. A lot. Now a usual December is a period when I’m worried about getting the house together for the annual gathering of the clans, unsure if I’ll have time to see people, and completely stumped over what to get the ones I love for Christmas.

Or, that’s the usual December. This December is some sort of mad Quantum Mega December. I completely blew my project management specs for this year. Completely. I won’t bore you with the details (again), but basically I said yes to a lot of things and for one reason or another they all seem due now. Yay! I mean, it’s GOOD. It is. I love these projects. But I’ve got all the deadlines, plus we had two weddings, an end-of-term show, a possible car replacement, etc etc. I feel like I’m struggling to survive December, and the darn thing is just racing away from me.

That doesn’t mean things are bad. Not at all. They’re demanding, but not bad. Following from the happy thanksgiving moment the other weekend in the USA a lot of folk are doing ‘what I’m thankful for you’ or ‘what was great in 2009’ posts. I’d like to do something similar. I hope to. We’ll see.

Year’s best delivered!

Well, I’ve just delivered my fifteenth year’s best annual, and fourth in this current series, to my publisher Night Shade Books. There’s copyedits and stuff to do, but those should happen quickly as it’s due out in March. It’s a relief to get it done, and three days early. I will, as promised, post the ToC here shortly but am just waiting to clarify one or two more details. It shouldn’t be more than a day or so, though.