Bugger this excercise for a joke

So I need to lose like a billion kilos, right, cos almost all of my activities are sedentary. I’m trying to fit in as much walking as I can to aid in the cause. Just did a six kilometre round trip walk to the local shopping centre in 28C sunshine. I am sweating like a porcine creature. Blech. Did I mention the blech? Blech.

2 thoughts on “Bugger this excercise for a joke”

  1. I HATE summer exercise! But then in winter, it’s always too cold – pretty sure we’re just not meant to do it! :)

  2. I need to exercise too! The thing I’m thinking is that if I combine it with podcasts, I’m on to a winner. But summer is dreadful – even in Tasmania. I get sunburnt in 2 minutes!

    I’m tempted to join a gym just so I can take my podcasts on a treadmill, though the thought is vaguely terrifying.

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