Longest conversation of all-time now online

Last night I raced through my dinner, hugged my young children in lieu of putting them to bed, and retreated to my office for several hours to record what surely must be the longest podcast ever in the history of the world. I’d been invited to be a guest on Galactic Suburbia, and had a terrific time with hosts Alex, Alisa and Tansy discussing all things from awards (Nebula, Asimov’s, and Aurealis) and anthologies (mine and those of others) to what we’d been reading and thinking about over the last few weeks (see the show notes here for information on what we discussed).  It was enormous fun to do, but I staggered out a weary man barely able to watch an episode of Big Bang Theory before bed.  I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it. My sincere thanks to the GS gang for having me over.