Swords and Dark Magic and Stories in Time!

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July 12, 2010 issue (on stands now)
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Lev Grossman

“Fantasy is going through an explosion of creativity.  Two new anthologies showcase the best of it: Stories: All-New Tales, edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio, and Swords & Dark Magic, edited by Jonathan Strahan and Lou Anders.”

Well, another week down and a weekend in front of me (yay!).  This week (especially the second half of it) was a little more difficult than it had to be, mostly because of minor health issues and lack of sleep.  Last night, however, I slept well and feel a lot better overall, and that improves my mood no end.

As I write I’m sitting in my front room listening to Richard and Linda Thompson’s I Want to See the Bright Lights for the first time and am pondering what I need to do this coming weekend. Finishing up copyedits/proofs for Life on Mars and Godlike Machines is a big part of it. I also need to write the intro for Engineering Infinity, and get some general paperwork done. If I can do that I’ll be keeping up, which is good.

I’m also going to be recording the next podcast with Gary. It’s been put to me that we might be recording too often, so we need to ponder that. I think we’ll discuss John Clute’s recent Doctorow/Heinlein review and Robert Sawyer’s blog post about making a living as a writer. There’ll no doubt be other stuff. If you have anything you’d like us to cover pop it into comments and I’ll bring it up with Gary tomorrow.

What else? I’ll try to get my solo “Books I’m Looking Forward to” podcast up shortly. That one’s kind of fun to do, but I’m delaying because I want to add links etc.  I’ve also been pondering the joys of unnecessary bonus tracks on cds, editing non-core books, and other things.  Will post shortly, I think.