Episode 9: Live with Gary K. Wolfe

Gary Wolfe and I are back for a new podcast, and this time with no added guest magic.  This time we discuss:

  • how some awards work, including the World Fantasy Awards,
  • believing in science fiction and its futures,
  • and a lot of other stuff too.

There’s probably some other stuff, but we recorded this this morning and I’m not going to re-listen to the whole thing. We hope you enjoy it as always and will see you next weekend!

5 thoughts on “Episode 9: Live with Gary K. Wolfe”

  1. My husband just stuck his head into the study to say something to me and backed out apologizing, “Oh, you’re listening to your podcast. I’m sorry.” The remark gave me a little pause, especially in light of your concern that you might be “doing it too often.” Your podcast has become a stable feature of my week. I’d hate to have it become less regular. If your families are beginning to complain, certainly reconsider your schedule. Otherwise, please continue on a weekly basis.

  2. I fully agree with the previous comment.

    This podcast has become a weekly staple for me also, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the discussions so far. In fact sometimes i just want to jump in and respond myself. :)

    I think the weekly frequency is a good balance of currency and topicality, and I’d also urge that it continue unless there is a pressing reason to change it.

  3. On frequency: as long as you’re not going to start feeling burned-out, I also vote for keeping it weekly. I have to admit that when this started I thought it was probably going to be a limited series, but if you’re planning to keep this up for a long or longish term, then great. Perhaps keeping it more strictly to an hour might be worth considering, although saying that I’ve found time to listen to all of them so far.

  4. I look forward to the weekly conversation. I wish I could interject a comment or two during it!

    But whatever you gentlemen feel is the appropriate frequency will be fine by me.

  5. My vote on the podcast frequency is weekly if possible. I agree with Surtac about currency and topicality. I look forward to them each week.

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