So I have the office iPad at home for the weekend again, and I find myself still in the like-not-love stage with it. The keyboard is ok, but I find myself not really wanting to type too much with it, and every now and then I come across something in flash, which it won’t play with, which is a nuisance. Still, it is pretty. If I owned the iPad I’d persist, but having the luxury to occasionally pla means I do just that. I may fall in love, but not yet.

In other news, had a nice day yesterday. Got out and socialised a bit, which I needed. Saw Alisa for lunch, then the dinner gang evening. Today is podcasting, column edits, and proposal sort of stuff. I’m behind, but still swinging.

One thought on “iPad”

  1. My lovely wife gave me an iPad for my birthday and I absolutlely love it. I read a lot of comics on it. While SWORDS AND DARK MAGIC was my first eBook purchase from B&N I have only read a little of it so far and haven’t come to a determination as to how well it will perform over long stretches of reading time. I guess time will tell but as a multimedia device I think it’s top notch right now.

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