6 thoughts on “Episode 27: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!”

  1. Fun listening, as ever. A couple of thoughts:

    — My perception of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe‘s promotion is really different to yours. To me, it’s being promoted as a science fiction book, by a new genre imprint, Corvus, who are also publishing Chris Beckett and Jeff VanderMeer, and whose books are shelved in the sf/f sections, and who are happy to put sf venues on their review copy lists; and as by an sf writer, who’s been doing interviews with io9 and similar places, talking about his book to the genre community. (If you filed off the serial numbers from your conversation, actually, I’d have thought you were talking about Nick Harkaway’s The Gone-Away World, which I think was broadly promoted in the way you describe. And actually, I think the audiences for the two books would overlap quite strongly.)

    — On considering tie-in novels for year-end lists and reviews in general: well, the litmus test here is whether Locus is considering Michael Moorcock’s recent Doctor Who novel, no?

  2. Just because you were talking about the question of whether Locus (and everyone else) would take tie-in novels by established writers seriously, and all the examples you were giving were from ten or fifteen years ago, whereas that one was published last month. Plus I hear it’s pretty good.

  3. Hi, Jonathan.

    Was there any problem with the iTunes link that you know of? I haven’t been able to download this one yet. Sorry to bother.



  4. Hi, Jonathan.

    Any problems with the iTunes link for this episode that you know of? I tried to download it through the iTunes store but it failed with some not very helpful explanation about checking the url.



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