Episode 39: Live with Gary K. Wolfe and Garth Nix!

And it’s another weekend. This morning Garth Nix, bestselling author of the ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ and ‘Old Kingdom’ series, among many wonderful novels, joined Gary and I in the pod to discuss what ‘young adult’ means, the current troubles with bookselling and book publishing, ebooks, his forthcoming novels Troubletwisters (with Sean Williams) and A Confusion of Princes and lots more stuff in a special ‘Pink Drinks’ edition of The Coode Street Podcast.  Enjoy!

It’s a podcasting Sunday morning.  I’ve been awake for a little while, and shortly I’ll do the breakfast thing before firing up Skype and connecting with Gary and today’s special guest.  I think we’ll be talking about the state of book publishing/book selling, entry books for science fiction readers, and some other cool things, but I don’t really know. Gary and I determinedly keep it casual, so mostly we’ll likely just chat.

Today will very much be a work day. If the timing’s right I’ll go swimming with the girls, but then I need to get on with taxes, editing and other stuff. I have a story ms. that popped through my mail to read, proposals to turn around, and general prep.  Busy, busy.  We did have a lovely visit from Robin and Toula last night, and that gave the weekend some shine. Much better than sitting around watching TV.

I should likely report in on what I’ve been reading, but that continues to be all over the place. I’m going back and forth between Garth Nix & Sean Williams’ Troubletwisters and Michael Swanwick’s Dancing with Bears, two very different novels that I’m enjoying for very different reasons, while alternately being engaged and annoyed by a bunch of anthologies. Busy times!