Awards, awards, awards …

I have been remiss in posting here, dear readers. For the most part it’s due to the pace of life. I am simply busier than I have been in years, and I find that podcasting with Gary seems to consume whatever motivation I had for regular blogging. Still, I do apologise.

It was a mixed week. On Tuesday the finalists for the  Aurealis Awards were announced by the administrators. I was delighted that Godlike Machines and Wings of Fire were shortlisted for Best Anthology. It’s Marianne’s first major SF award nomination, so it’s really special. I was also delighted to see so many friends nominated – congratulations to them all.

Friday I went to lunch with some work colleagues and then was either overcome by a virus or food poisoning. I was quite ill for the rest of the day, and through a good part of Saturday. I did wake around 1am Saturday, though, and saw that the Ditmar Awards nominations were out. While none of my editing work made the ballot, I was very pleased to see The Coode Street Podcast nominated for Best Fan Publication in Any Medium.  Gary and I are having a lot of fun recording the podcast, and it’s wonderful to see it recognised like this.  I was also delighted to see so many friends and fellow podcasters make the ballot. Again, congratulations to one and all!

The Swancon awards administrators also posted the Tin Duck Awards nominations – these are the Western Australian SF awards – and both The Coode Street Podcast and the Boxing Day Super Mega Podcast – made the final ballot. Again a great pleasure to see the main podcast pick up its third awards nomination, and a pleasure to see so many find nominees.  Congratulations again to everyone!

I had hoped Saturday would be productive work-wise, and Sunday too – Marianne’s going away next weekend and I need to get things done – but illness and family support wiped out Saturday and Sunday is under threat.  Still, things are getting done! More soon.