End of the year-ing

We had podcast-fail yesterday. I put it down to my having had a late night but, for almost the first time, Gary and I didn’t really have much to talk about that was to do with science fiction. I can’t imagine this will continue. We’ll have another bash at it later today, I suspect. And, if that doesn’t work, will release one of the Reno interviews into the wild.

It does touch on a practical seasonal issue confronting us, though. Over the past three weeks we’ve submerged ourselves in the topic of the best of the year process. It was interesting, if occasionally troubling, and it’s fairly well covered. We need something else. And yet, it’s October. Mid-October. This is the time when the “end of the year” process begins for us. I’m busily finalizing the table of contents for The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, and I just had the first contact from my editor at Locus about the recommended reading list. The next three months will be about nothing BUT the best of the year. I’m not sure how we’re going to stop that leaking through into the podcast. We shall see, though.