Episode 79: Live with Gary K. Wolfe and Paul Cornell!

With the holiday season upon us, Gary and I invited novelist, comics and TV writer (notably for Doctor Who and Action Comics) and long time podcast listener Paul Cornell to join us on the podcast to discuss all sorts of interesting things in what proved to be a very enjoyable conversation. As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast and will see you again next week!

One thought on “Episode 79: Live with Gary K. Wolfe and Paul Cornell!”

  1. As you rubbed my lamp in this episode, here I am.

    Paul is quite correct on the rules. The “Graphic Story” category (which was given that name for a good reason, not out of ignorance as Paul suggests) has its sunset clause up for voting in Chicago. I expect the category to be dropped because, as Paul said, the majority of Hugo voters very clearly have no interest in or knowledge of comics, and the results are embarrassing.

    There are no sunset clauses for the Dramatic Presentation categories, and no serious suggestions of removing them.

    There is no game category. LA tried to use their special category to trial it a few years back, but they had to drop it due to insufficient interest at the nominations stage.

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