Edge of Infinity – Table of Contents!

I am currently working on putting the final touches on my next anthology project*, Edge of Infinity, which is coming out from Solaris Books later this year.

Edge of Infinity is a direct follow on from last year’s Engineering Infinity, but this time is focussed on hard SF/adventure set in an industrialised, settled pre-starflight solar system. It gathers stories set everywhere from Mercury to Neptune, the nooks and crannies of the asteroid belt, to the wonders and beauties of Jupiter.  At a time when interstellar travel seems ever more impractical, these stories breathe life into our dream of the future by showing us the romance and challenge of what is achievable here on our own doorstep.

And so, the very nearly almost completely final table of contents for Edge of Infinity, a book that I’ve come to love a great deal. There’s a very much outside chance one more story might sneek into the book, but it’ll be last minute it it does. I’ll advise you all here if so.

In the meantime, my sincere thanks to the fabulous Jonathan Oliver and the team at Solaris Books , who have been spectacular to work with and who have done a brilliant job of packaging the book, as you can see below.


  1. Introduction, Jonathan Strahan
  2. The Girl-Thing Who Went Out For Sushi, Pat Cadigan
  3. The Deeps of the Sky, Elizabeth Bear
  4. Drive, James S.A. Corey
  5. The Road to NPS, Sandra McDonald & Stephen D. Covey
  6. Swift as a Dream and Fleeting as a Sigh, John Barnes
  7. Macy Minnot’s Last Christmas on Dione, Ring Racing, Fiddler’s Green, the Potter’s Garden, Paul McAuley
  8. Safety Tests, Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  9. Bricks, Sticks, Straw, Gwyneth Jones
  10. Tyche and the Ants, Hannu Rajaniemi
  11. Obelisk, Stephen Baxter
  12. Vainglory, Alastair Reynolds
  13. Water Rights, An Owomayela
  14. The Peak of Eternal Light, Bruce Sterling

Edge of Infinity is now available for pre-order in all sorts of cool places.
* For working, read slightly panicking and looking blearily through a post-wedding haze trying to focus enough to write an introduction.

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