Before the show…

Saturday went fairly easy, here on Coode Street. I was up early, got a five km walk in before breakfast, then packed, kissed the family goodbye and headed out to the airport to fly to Sydney to see Springsteen. The flight – the first trip outside of WA with my brother since we stepped off a boat in 1968 – was fine. We chatted, I watched Searching for Sugarman on my iPad, tried not to be annoyed that the inflight entertainment didn’t work at my seat, and arrived in Sydney fairly fresh. We were met at the airport and before I knew it I was at Garth and Anna’s, sitting outside, eating curry and enjoying the wonderful conversation of G&A, Alison, Melina, James and Mardie.  It was a great evening, and when everyone drifted off Garth and I chatted into the small hours.

Sunday I was up fairly early, even allowing for time differences. I got to chat with Anna over pancakes, then with Garth over coffee. They were kind, wonderful hosts, but before I knew it I was in a cab and headed for the city. I got to the hotel in time to drop off a bag and then grab yum cha with my dear travel buddy, Deb, where we talked of all sorts of things over steamed morsels and jasmine tea.  Hours drifted by and before I knew it we’d finished coffee back at the hotel, said goodbye, and I headed to the 37th Floor to crash for a little while. Stephen arrived around 6pm and we had what proved to be a relaxing time over drinks in the Excecutive Lounge, before grabbing dinner at Glass.   All in all a fine day.

Sleep, though, as it has of late proved a little elusive, though I didn’t put the waking hours to much use. Today should be a day to chill and wander around town a bit before heading out to Allphone Arena for the show. It should be something special.

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