Eclipse…going, going, gone…

Since I announced on April 4 that I was closing Eclipse Online I’ve had a number of queries about its future.  Eclipse artist Kathleen Jennings has just posted about illustrating the final two Eclipse stories, and it has prompted me to clarify my plans for it.

As much as I loved working on the Eclipse series of anthologies and Eclipse Online, I know that it’s time to set it aside for awhile. I only have so much time and energy and I’m committed to a range of projects right now.  When those settle down, perhaps in a year or two, I’d love to revisit it properly, either as an online publication or as a new anthology series, but for the moment it’s definitely on the backburner.

I would, though, like to thank again everyone who worked on both incarnations of Eclipse. It was a blast.

2 thoughts on “Eclipse…going, going, gone…”

  1. Absolutely understandable, but still sorry to hear it, Jonathan.

    Best of luck with all your other enterprises!

  2. Very sad about this still, especially since I came on board with purchasing the books as the first one came out. In the end things have to be profitable, especially as busy as you are, so I understand. I do hope this isn’t the last we see of Eclipse.

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