London in August

So I missed the mad rush for rooms for  Loncon 3,  the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, which is being held in London between 14 and 18 August, that apparently happened in the early hours of this morning. The people running the con are doing their best to manage the demand for accessible and affordable rooms in one of the biggest and most expensive cities in the world, and that meant lotteries and late night rushes. I secured a room of sorts, but am still tinkering.

Oh, and as  I should have mentioned I am attending the convention with my twelve year old daughter, with a side trip to Paris and the south of France,  and need to arrange rooms and flights, but haven’t really got my act together.  Lots to do!


Well, yesterday was the big day. I was smothered in gifts and had a lovely lunch with family. I was probably still a little bit below par due to illness, but am definitely close to full recovery and enjoyed myself more than I have at any point in the preceding two weeks.

I had, of course, intended to do a little work. Heck, I intended to do some today. Instead, yesterday was slackness and configuring my sparkly, shiny new MacBook Air, and today was errands, cricket and not really much more. I’m getting close to where I have to get things done or terrible trouble will result. I have a party tomorrow night, but tomorrow I really need to get my best of the year intro drafted. It’s that time of the year!