Thursday morning

A mixed day yesterday.  I took the new MacBook Air into the Apple Store to get looked at by a “Genius”. It was experiencing an odd problem, shutting down intermittently when going into sleep mode. I think we may have resolved the problem, so fingers crossed.  I am very happy that I managed to get Time Machine working on my Stora. The Genius did a total reset/reinstall on the laptop, but I was able to neatly restore from the backup, so win there.

As some of you would have noticed, I did the annual “what I did” post yesterday for the Hugos. I admit, as always, to being a little conflicted about this, but it’s done.  Adam Roberts talks about why I might be uncomfortable and John Scalzi provides an alternative view.

I am looking into providing some sort of download for Eclipse Online stories for awards nominators to consider.  It’s unfortunate they’re not online and I’d like to do what I can to make them available.

In other news, I am listening to Etienne Charles, reading J.G. Ballard, and basically trying to get things done. Busy month, as always!