Fantasy ToC for Best Short Novels: 2013

I’ll do a proper post about my likely novella nominees for the Hugo, but I was pondering what I’d put into my old Best Short Novels series if I was still editing it for the Science Fiction Book Club.

After a bit of reflection I came up with the following list. I wasn’t restricted to Hugo length requirements, so one story is actually a long novelette, but this list would still come close to 200,000 words which is about right for the old series.

So, herewith, the fantasy contents for Best Short Novels: 2013.

  • “Gateway”, Nina Allen (Stardust)
  • “Wakulla Springs”, Andy Duncan & Ellen Klages (
  • “Black Helicopters”, Caitlin R. Kiernan (Subterranean Press)
  • “Iseul’s Lexicon”, Yoon Ha Lee (Conservation of Shadows)
  • “The Princess and the Queen”, George R.R. Martin (Dangerous Women)
  • “The Sun and I”, K J Parker (Subterranean, Summer 2013)
  • “Precious Mental”, Robert Reed (Asimov’s, 6/13)
  • “One”, Nancy Kress (, 7/17/13)

Hugos in the UK

There is a lot of interest in the Hugo Awards for the upcoming WorldCon, Loncon 3, and how nominations might be affected by a return to the UK.

There’s no reliable way at all of telling how a change of venue will impact on the ballot in any year, but personally I hope the UK votership is active and has a huge impact on the final ballot.

Here are links to the Hugo ballots for previous UK WorldCons.

Looking at these, the impact seems to have varied over time, but the most recent one (2005) has a strong UK flavour so I’m hopeful that might happen again this year.