Episode 183: On nominating for the Hugos and Lucius Shepard

As always, we get everything the wrong way round. Having just returned from the glades of Florida, a land of mocktails and alligators, Gary joins Jonathan to discuss the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, nominating for the Hugo Awards, and the career of the late Lucius Shepard (which they should have started with, as you’ll discover if your patience holds out).

As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast!

One thought on “Episode 183: On nominating for the Hugos and Lucius Shepard”

  1. That sure was an aural chomp on the Madeline in this week’s NfCS. I too remember fondly the Shawna McCarthy Asimov’s of the 1980s when there was at least one great work of fiction in every single issue. Shepard, Willis, Swanwick, Sterling, Shinner, Fowler, Kelly, Robinson, McDonald etc etc. Those were the days, friend.

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