Episode 199: Loncon, Hugos and the future of SF

And we’re back! After traveling for far too long and having had a wonderful time in London at what may have been the biggest and best WorldCon ever, our intrepid commentators are back on Coode St pondering (at length, alas!) what made Loncon a success, the Hugo Awards results, and the future and purpose of SF (of course!).

As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast. Next week: Episode 200!!!!

3 thoughts on “Episode 199: Loncon, Hugos and the future of SF”

  1. Gary, you mention someone by the name of John Macklemont? I’m sure I have the spelling incorrect, but I’m interested in who is he and where does he write at? I’m curious to read his comments about worldcon.

  2. Just caught up with your site and podcast and colour me enthused. I’m subscribing via iTunes. Thank you for being entertaining, and the discussion about LonCon was excellent.

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