Episode 201: Moving on…

Time to get back to the conversation and put the wonderful LonCon experience behind us. With episode 201, Jonathan and Gary sit down to continue their ongoing discussion of science fiction, fantasy and other stuff.

As always, we hope you enjoy the episode.

2 thoughts on “Episode 201: Moving on…”

  1. Hello Coode st!

    Long time listener, first time caller. Gary mentioned a few movies of particular note that were not expected science fiction experiences. I agree with all the selections, and would like to add to that list an Australian movie, currently at the tail end of its theatrical release by the name of ‘Predestination’. its an adaptation of Heinlein’s “All you Zombies” and features Ethan Hawke as recognisable-name-on-posters, and a young Australian actress Sarah Snook who performs stunningly as the Unmaried Mother, in both female and male roles. It is one of a few movies I have seen in the past few years that has managed to enthrall me in its avoidance of familiar / stereotypical cinema tropes.

    it’s also a movie that seems to of released to a blaze of no noticeable publicity. i thoroughly recommend it before it disappears to wherever Australian movies go after their theatrical release.


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