Episode 204: Books we’re looking forward to, or the shopping list episode

This week Gary and Jonathan, aware that the Festive Season and more are in front of us all, sit down with the most recent ‘Forthcoming Books’ issue of Locus and do their best to assemble a quick, on-the-fly list of books we’re looking forward to from October through to May next year. As Gary and Jonathan both say on the podcast, the list has been quickly assembled and certainly misses many worthwhile books. Still, it’s a start. 

Here’s the list. These are books we’ll be reading, discussing and possibly recommending in coming months.

October 2014
  • Bacigalupi, Paolo, The Doubt Factory, (Little, Brown, nvl-ya, hc)
  • Bear, Greg, War Dogs, (Orbit US, hc)
  • Carroll, Jonathan, Bathing the Lion, (St. Martin’s, hc)
  • Gibson, William, The Peripheral, (Penguin/Putnam, hc)
  • Leckie, Ann, Ancillary Sword, (Orbit US, tp)
  • Newman, Kim, The English Ghost Story, (Titan, tp)
  • Nix, Garth, Clariel, (Hot Key Books, nvl-ya, hc)
November 2014
  • Baxter, Stephen, Ultima, (Orion/Gollancz, hc)
  • Herbert, Frank, Frank Herbert: Collected Stories, (Tor, cln, hc)
  • Sherman, Delia, Young Woman in a Garden, (Small Beer Press, cln, tp)
  • Williams, Sean, Crashland, (HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray, hc)
December 2014
  • Ellison, Harlan, The Top of the Volcano: The Award-Winning Stories of Harlan Ellison, (Subterranean Press/Edgeworks Abbey, hc) January 2015
  • Morrow, James Galapagos Regained (St Martins, hc)
  • Walton, Jo, The Just City, (Tor, hc)
February 2015
  • Abercrombie, Joe, Half the World, (Ballantine Del Rey, hc)
  • Gaiman, Neil, Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Discoveries •(HarperCollins/Morrow, cln, tp)
  • Link, Kelly, Get in Trouble, (Random House, cln, hc)
  • McAuley, Paul, Something Coming Through, (Orion/Gollancz, hc)
  • Park, Paul, Other Stories, (PS Publishing, cln, hc)
March 2015
  • Robson, Justina, The Glorious Angels, (Orion/Gollancz, tp)
  • Wilson, Robert Charles, The Affinities, (Tor, hc)
April 2015
  • Bacigalupi, Paolo, The Water Knife, (Little, Brown UK/Orbit, hc)
  • Baxter, Stephen, Remembrance: A Xeelee Collection, (PS Publishing, cln, hc)
  • Bray, Libba, Lair of Dreams, (Little, Brown UK/Atom, hc)
  • Liu, Ken, The Grace of Kings (Dandelion Dynasty) (Saga, hc)
  • McDonald, Ian, Mars Stories, (PS Publishing, cln, hc)
  • McDonald, Ian, Only the Best of Ian McDonald, (PS Publishing, cln, hc)
May 2015
  • Ashby, Madeline, Company Town, (Angry Robot US, tp)
  • Blaylock, James P., Beneath London, (Titan, tp)
  • Okorafor, Nnedi, The Book of Phoenix, (DAW, hc)
  • Rajaniemi, Hannu, Hannu Rajaniemi: Collected Fiction, (Tachyon Publications, cln, hc)
  • Robinson, Kim Stanley, Aurora, (Little, Brown UK/Orbit, hc)
Invitation:  As Gary and Jonathan mention on the episode, please feel free to add your own recommendations in comments here.

9 thoughts on “Episode 204: Books we’re looking forward to, or the shopping list episode”

  1. A book that I can’t recommend highly enough is The Three-Body Problem, by Chinese author Liu Cixin (coming from Tor in November). I love his short stories and novellas, but this novel (and, in fact, the whole trilogy of which it is the first installment) is even better. SF at its best, packed full of mind-blowing ideas and sense of wonder. Highly, highly, highly recommended.

  2. Not that I’ve listened to the episode yet, but off the top of my head I would add:

    This year:
    The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber
    The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu

    Next year:
    Frost on Glass by Ian R MacLeod
    Tamaruq by EJ Swift
    Persona by Genevieve Valentine

  3. Some good sounding books to look forward to. Following of from the previous two “state of” SF podcasts Canada and Fiction translated into English would be follow-ons I would find very interesting.

    Two books just out but that I have not picked up yet –

    Meg Wolitzer – Balhzar its marketed as YA and it is by one of my favorite literary writers so keen to check it out. No-one seems to be talking about it yet, despite her “The Interestings” doing very well and generating plenty of buzz

    Adam Roberts – Bete – Read the sample and it looks very entertaining. Not sure how well this one will work for non-uk readers as it feels very British. Every one of his books takes a big idea and runs with it and he never furrows the same ground twice so you never know what you will get with him but it is always readable and sometimes special

    Liu Cixin – Three Body Problem is out in Oct/Nov. It is getting lots of love but need to read reviews to see if it is my cup of tea though before going for it

    Otherwise :-
    Richard Parks has a novel coming out in December with his Yamada – Demon Hunter character which I am looking forward to,
    The Vandermeer’s have a feminist SF anthology out in February which will hopefully make a good companion piece to The Weird.

    Twelfth Planet announced an Anna Tambour collection out next year that sounds interesting

  4. Gary actually name-checks Three-Body Problem during the podcast, and we hope to discuss it more in an upcoming podcast. Appreciate the recommendation thought!

  5. Thanks for the comments, Niall. We’re chasing down the Faber right now and we do mention the Liu and Valentine during the podcast. I’d forgotten the Macleod, which looks like a pretty interesting story collection. I really like Swift’s short fiction, but haven’t read her novels yet.

  6. Thanks for your comment. We’re just looking into guests for a Canadian podcast at the moment. Thanks too for the Wolitzer and Parks recs. We mention the Liu, Roberts and Tambour books during the podcast, but should update the list to include them.

  7. You two hit most of the new titles that are also on my anticipated reading list. There are only a few I’d like to note.

    No one will claim them to be on the cutting edge of the SF conversation, but since I am a fan of these two authors they get name checked anyway:

    Neal Asher – Dark Intelligence
    Harry Turtledove – Joe Steel

    And even though he has become an un-person because of his politics & faith, John C. Wright is the only author in the field (apart from Stephen Baxter) still willing to write on the grandest scale: Architect of Aeons being the 4th novel in a six book sequence.

  8. Thanks for this discussion. It put a few new titles on my radar. Like you, I’m super excited about the new Kelly Link collection.

    In addition to the ones you mentioned, there are 5 additional books that I’m very much looking forward to in early 2015:

    The Galaxy Game, by Karen Lord
    The Whispering Swarm, by Michael Moorcock
    We Will All Go Down Together, by Gemma Files

    Magonia, by Maria Dahvna Headley

    Radiance, by Catherynne M. Valente

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