Episode 242: Time runs out for the Hugos and more

As time slowly runs out to vote for the most controversial Hugo Awards in recent times, our intrepid commentators sit down to discuss the joy of attending a great convention like Archipelacon, some minor issues surrounding Sad Puppydom, discussion of Stories for Chip, tribute anthologies and much more.  Pig entrails are mentioned, so you have been warned.

As always we hope you enjoy the podcast. Next week, while Jonathan is travelling, we expect Michael Swanwick on the podcast to discuss his new novel.

One thought on “Episode 242: Time runs out for the Hugos and more”

  1. Bookfinder.com lists two “new” copies of The Country You Have Never Seen for around US$50 as well as the $411 used copy on Amazon. A lot of insane prices on Amazon are price algorithms run amok.

    I’m surprised neither of you mentioned that Heinlein said his own editorial process was generally to write long and then edit down to the story he actually wanted to tell. In that light, the early ms Number of the Beast probably is very far from his own preferred text. (The early “restored” volumes–Stranger, Podkayne, Puppet Masters–are all from submission drafts and there are good reasons to believe they’re closer to RAH’s original intention, which isn’t necessarily to say that they were his preferred texts.)

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