Jonathan on Kim Stanley Robinson’s Aurora

In keeping with yesterday’s quick squib about Limekiller, here’s another short piece of review/commentary, this time about Kim Stanley Robinson’s Aurora. With all of the conversation about Hugo Awards at the moment, I (Jonathan) am tempted to make some brief comments about books, stories and other works that I feel are nomination-worthy and that may make my own ballot next year.
It is possible that I won’t follow through on this, or that the latter half of the year will be such that I won’t get to do more. It’s also possible that these will get folded into the main podcast (I certainly don’t intend to keep bombarding you with new content like this every day), but for the moment here’s a sample of a possible ‘Jonathan’s Personal Thoughts on Possible Hugo Nominees’ series.
Please, if you have a moment, drop me a note in comments or on Twitter to let me know what you think of the idea for the series and if you’d like to see more. 

2 thoughts on “Jonathan on Kim Stanley Robinson’s Aurora”

  1. Anyone who listens to the Coode Street Podcast will know that you care deeply and passionately about the Hugos. Your commitment to the f/sf field as reader, editor, conversationalist, and sometime critic informs your enthusiasm, and the amount of effort you put into all of these projects just makes me want to cheer. The little minireviews you’ve posted so far are even-handed and well judged, just like most of what you talk about on the podcast. I will listen to anything genre-related that you have to say.
    Having said that, I must also admit that my own genre reading is broad and unfocused. The Hugo awards are not very important to me, except perhaps as a guide to last year’s writing. But then, I also look to the Locus recommendations, the Phillip K. Dick nominations and a few others for reading lists; often enough I go into a book store without any list at all and just pick up something that looks interesting.
    I’ve enjoyed hearing you talk about Limekiller and Aurora, and I hope you will continue to produce your little “squibs,” because I feel your comments are worthwhile, irrespective of any relevance they may have to the Hugos.

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