Episode 250: Forthcoming books with Liza Trombi

LocusCoverSept2015.jpgEvery three months Locus publishes a long list of forthcoming science fiction, fantasy, and horror books that are being published in the US and the UK. As we have been doing all year, whenever one of these ‘Forthcoming Books’ issues hits the newsstands and your email inboxes, we invite Locus Editor-in-Chief Liza Trombi to join us to discuss some of the books we’re excited about reading.

This episode is a little different, though. After more than forty years, Locus is moving premises, leaving the home of founder Charles N. Brown in the Oakland hills and moving to bright new digs in San Leandro. Before getting into our discussion of new books, we chat about the herculean task of packing and moving one of the best collections of science fiction books and art in the world, the incredible kindness of Alan Beatts and the Borderlands Books team, and hopes for the future.
As always, our sincere thanks to Liza for taking the time to chat to us. We hope you enjoy the episode and will be back next week with more!

One thought on “Episode 250: Forthcoming books with Liza Trombi”

  1. I want the old intro baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. It’s iconic and not Kirmitish at all. I never had the image of little froggy arms waving with abandon.

    The new opening is stodgy and frankly you sound bored and depressed. It sounds like Eyore, “Welcome… to the podcast.
    Listen … or don’t listen, it’s just a bother”

    I miss the Gershwin Room

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