Episode 333: Jo Walton Goes to the Hugos

Screen_Shot_2018-08-24_at_4_17_40_pm.pngWe’ve been away for a long time. A very long time. We’re sorry and we’ll try not to do that again. While we were away, we went to San Jose, California for the 76th World Science Fiction Convention. During the convention, we recorded four new episodes that we will be sending out over the coming weeks.

The first is a discussion with Hugo Award winner and friend of the podcast, Jo Walton. Jo has a new book out, An Informal History of the Hugo Awards, which expands on a series of posts on Tor.com looking at the Hugos from 1953-2000. The book is wonderful and the conversation is interesting. As always, our thanks to Jo and we hope you enjoy the episode.

Oh, we recorded this in Jonathan’s hotel room in San Jose. Every effort has been made to filter out the damned airconditioning unit that was rumbling away outside.

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